Immanuel College

Community Charity (Shevet Achim)

Shevet Achim is Immanuel College's social action and charity committee whose aim is to enhance the quality of the pupils' spiritual, moral and social development. In the most recent ISI report, inspectors commented on how impressed they were that Immanuel does not simply pay homage to charity with words, but provides opportunities for students to excel, particularly in a non-academic arena. Prime examples include our Manna from Heaven project, where sandwiches are made for a local homeless shelter, and the Preparatory School collection, in support of GIFT, of toys and food for needy families.

Students research into different charitable organisations, and speak to the student committee about their chosen charity; a vote is then taken on which three charities to select for that year (which will include a UK charity of any denomination, a UK Jewish charity and an Israeli charity). Sums of money are raised through sale of food, Chanukah Fair and fun events such as Teachers' Debate; we also held our annual sponsored walk, the most recent of which raised over £11,000 for Magen David Adom. This academic year alone Shevet Achim has raised over £25,000 for charity.

This year heralded the start of the successful Giving Time club weekly sessions run by GIFT which were attended by at least 50 students. This initiative was run jointly by Shevet Achim and the Beit, and encouraged pupils through varied activities to donate their time to help others less fortunate than themselves.

Opportunities are also provided for pupils to gain leadership skills. The Alan Senitt Youth Leadership Scheme enables students to interact with other faiths and cultures. Our Year Eight pupils are encouraged to participate in the Yoni Jesner award scheme where they need to record twenty hours of volunteering. This culminates in a prestigious ceremony where students are awarded certificates by the Chief Rabbi. Shevet Achim permeates all aspects of life at Immanuel College and brings together different sections of the community.