Immanuel College

Scholarships and Bursaries

Award of Immanuel Jakobovits Scholarships

Parents completing the Application Form should indicate whether they wish their son or daughter to be considered for an Immanuel Jakobovits Scholarship. Up to 10 scholarships will be offered to children who exemplify Academic Excellence and/or Inspiring Jewish Studies and Science up to the value of 100% of tuition fees, and will be re-awarded throughout the recipient’s school career, subject to satisfactory effort and behaviour.

All candidates for admission sit the College’s one-hour entrance examinations in English and Mathematics in January. 

Candidates who perform exceptionally strongly in the English and Mathematics examination, or in the optional extra Jewish Studies and/or Science examination paper may be awarded a scholarship.

Jewish Studies Scholarship
To download the Jewish Studies Syllabus, please click here.
To download the Immanuel Jakobovits Scholarship Paper, please click here.

Science Scholarship

Anyone is able to apply for a means-tested Bursary. To enquire about Bursaries, please contact Sarah Greenfield, Head of Admissions and Marketing on or call 020 8955 8938. 

Art Exhibitions (Scholarships)
Art Scholarships are available annually to new Year 7 entrants to the School. Each Scholarship is worth £2000 annually. Scholarships will be re-awarded annually subject to satisfactory effort and behaviour. To qualify for an Art Scholarship, candidates must demonstrate enthusiasm for Art, developed drawing ability and creativity in handling materials. Candidates for Art Scholarships are invited to bring portfolios of work undertaken in the last few years to an interview with the Head of Art. This should contain artwork from both in and out of school, as well as any projects carried out within school. The Head of Art will be looking at the candidate’ potential rather than expecting highly finished work. Parents who wish their child to be considered for an Art Scholarship should indicate their interest in Section 6 of the application form.