Immanuel College

Support Immanuel

If you would like to donate to the Immanuel College fund please contact Lynda Dullop, Director of Fundraising, on 020 8955 8938 or email

The Trust has a vision to support Immanuel College financially, so that it can fulfil its goals of Torah im Derech Eretz, teaching the ways of a Jewish life in a respectful manner in a British school. In particular, the Educational trust is committed:

  • to raise, manage and distribute funds that support educational objectives
  • to play a fundamental role in realising the potential of Immanuel College pupils
  • to raise funds in a systematic and sustainable way
  • to maintain and develop the top-class facilities at the School
  • to support and maintain the School’s status as an HMC School and as the leading provider of Modern Orthodox Independent Jewish Education in the UK