Immanuel College

School Policies


Please note that Mr Charles Dormer, Head Master September 2012 until September 2017, signed off school policies that were developed during his Headship. The new Head Master, Mr Gary Griffin, will consider each policy as it comes up for review and agree or modify the policy at that time.

Part 1 - Quality of education provided

2a Curriculum Policy

2a Preparatory School Curriculum Policy

2a Preparatory School Early Years Foundation Stage Policy

2a EAL Policy

2a SEND Policy

2a Preparatory School Marking Feedback Policy

2c Extra-Curricular Activities

2d PSHEE Policy

2d Preparatory School PSHEE Policy

4a Pupil Performance

4a Preparatory School Pupil Performance

Part 2 - Spiritual, moral, social and cultural development of pupils

5 Preparatory School SMSC

Kashrut Policy

Part 3 - Welfare, health and safety of pupils and other legislation
7 Preparatory School Intimate Care and Toilet Policy
7a Safeguarding Policy
7b Whistleblowing Policy

7c Induction Policy

7e Code of Conduct Policy

9a Behaviour Policy
9a Preparatory School Behaviour Policy
10a Anti-Bullying Policy
10a Preparatory School Anti-Bullying Policy

11 Health and Safety Policy

12a Fire Safety Policy

12b Emergency Procedures Policy

13a/c First Aid including First Aiders Policy  

13d Medicines Policy
14a Supervision of Senior School Pupils Policy
14a/c Preparatory School and EYFS Supervision of Pupils Policy
14b Preparatory School and EYFS Missing Child Policy
14e Preparatory School Extra-Curricular Activities and After-School Care Policy
15a Admissions Policy

16a Risk Assessment Policy

16d Preparatory School including EYFS Classroom Risk Assessments
16d Preparatory School including EYFS On-Site Risk Assessments
17a Equality and Diversity Policy
17b Accessibility Policy
Part 4 - Suitability of staff, supply staff and proprietors
18a Recruitment and Selection Policy
Part 7 - Manner in which complaints are handled
33a Complaints Procedure Policy

E-Safety Policy