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Immanuel College

Academic Support

Teachers at Immanuel College Preparatory School know that in order to facilitate the learning of their pupils to the highest level the teaching needs to be exciting, stimulating and accessible to all styles of learners, whether visual, auditory or kinaesthetic.

All year groups have a designated class teacher and a teaching assistant who are able to differentiate the provision for the children, extending and supporting them as they need.

The Independent Schools Inspectorate found that throughout the school, including Reception,

"teaching is well planned and characterised by high expectations, effective time management, the use of a wide variety of resources and tasks, including group and paired work" (November 2013).

The Inclusion and Learning Support Department of The College supports pupils who have specific learning needs in their efforts to understand and master the aspects of the curriculum they find challenging. The provision which we can make for pupils who appear to have a learning difficulty includes: in-class learning support; one to one and very small group teaching, personalising our offer to suit each pupil’s needs; referral to external specialists including educational psychologists for formal assessment where we deem this necessary, and examination access arrangements which will be recommended by us. We report to and consult with parents about their child’s learning difficulties and ensure that teachers are given any necessary information to enable them to differentiate their teaching practices according to the needs of each pupil.

If a child has a special need or a disability, we do all we can to meet those individual needs. We are mindful of the SEND Code of Practice in providing for children with special needs.  Should a pupil be in receipt of an EHCP, we will meets the requirements as specified by that EHCP, although it may be necessary to buy in external expertise. This will be funded by either the EHCP funding or by parents by arrangement. It is likely that some pupils in possession of an EHCP cannot be accommodated at Immanuel College due to their needs being beyond the resources or specialist expertise available, or requiring greater readjustment than is practicable. This will be decided upon applications being received.

When children joining the school have English as an Additional Language the necessary support is put into place.