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We are committed to providing children and young people – regardless of economic background – the advantages of an Immanuel College education.

Thanks to the outstanding philanthropic commitment of our school community, we are proud to offer one of the most generous bursary programmes in the country – with various levels of financial assistance, including 100% of school fees, available to eligible pupils in Early Years, Y3 and Y7 and Y12.

This year we have a total of 50 bursaries available across the following entry points:

  • Early Years (Reception to Year 2)
  • Y3 (7+)
  • Y7 (11+)
  • Y12 (16+)

We appreciate every family is different. Under certain circumstances, we may also be able to award bursaries to entry of other year groups.

Deadline for all 2025 entry bursary applications is Monday 28 October 2024. We advise you to apply as early as possible so that we can discuss your circumstances with you and give you a preliminarily indication of the support we can offer based on your family’s needs.

What is a Bursary?

A bursary is a financial support package for a capped number of pupils who would not ordinarily be able to afford fees and is distinct from scholarships which are a much more limited form of recognition for excellence in certain disciplines. We offer academic (based on entrance examination) and specialist scholarships (based on specific application and audition/interview) for Year 7 and Year 12 entry and it is possible for a pupil to be awarded a combination of both.

Eligibility Criteria

Bursaries means-tested. The criteria depend on a range of financial variables, but as a general guide, families with a net household income of up to £85,000 per annum, with limited assets, may be eligible to receive a full (100%) bursary.

For those with income above this and with no other significant assets, a proportion of financial assistance (ranging from 85% to 10% support on fees) may also be available. As a general guide please see the table.

Should applicants be awarded a bursary, the level of the award will be re-assessed annually and may be adjusted either up or down for the following academic year, according to any change in the family circumstances.

Please remember more families may meet our eligibility criteria than can be awarded bursaries: meeting the guideline above will not be a guarantee of a bursary but we are committed to working hard to support families and that financial circumstances should not preclude their children enjoying an Immanuel College education.

Total Gross Family Income with limited assets other than family home Possible Bursary %age
£85,000 or less 100%
£85,001 or more You may still be eligible for a proportional bursary

Bursaries: What is included?

 We realise that extra costs quickly add up, so a pupil in receipt of full bursary will also receive support with the following:

  • School lunches
  • School-issued computer equipment deposit
  • Curriculum-based compulsory school trips
  • Uniform (pre-payment to our uniform supplier upon joining the school of £250 for Prep and £500 for Senior [either as a new entrant or as a qualified candidate at transition to Y7])
  • Coach travel to school if required
  • Further additional funding for co-curricular activities (music lessons, trips, Duke of Edinburgh, etc.)
  • Public examination fees (i.e. GCSEs, A-levels)
  • Reduced acceptance deposit

Pupils in receipt of partial bursaries will benefit from the same proportionate discount on all items except for school lunches.


Bursaries are awarded if an applicant is successful in the age-relevant assessment (play-based for Early Years and an entrance exams and interview for 7+, Senior and Sixth Form), the family is eligible for a bursary and there are sufficient funds available in the bursary fund.

Register your interest in a Bursary by filling out the school application form, indicating if you would like to apply for a bursary before 28 October 2024.

Please note bursary registration deadline is earlier than fee-paying deadlines and we urge interested candidates to apply as early as possible.


For all year group 2025 Admissions:

•Bursary Registration Deadline 9am Monday 28 October 2024

Full Fee-Paying Application deadlines for 2025:

•Prep & Y7+ 4pm Thursday 12 December 2024

•11+ 1pm Friday 22 November 2024

•16+ 9am Monday 28 October 2024

Please note that priority is given to applicants for whom the bursary will be most transformational. There may be some applicants who pass our assessments and are eligible for a bursary, but due to demand may not receive one.

Please click on the form link here and return it to admissions@immanuelcollege.co.uk.


Are There Other Discounts Available?


Sibling Discount
All families, regardless of means, who enrol more than one child in the school benefit from a 10% sibling discount on the second and further children. When calculating the value of a bursary offer for siblings of current pupils, we consider the total value of support.

Alumni Discount
We are proud to build the second generation of Immanuel College. In expression of our gratitude to alumni parents (whereby either parent is an alumna or alumnus of the College), we extend a 20% discount to the first child if he or she joins in Year 5 or earlier and a 10% discount to the children of alumni who join in Y6 or later.

How do I Donate to the Bursary Fund?

Families who are entitled to sibling or alumni discounts but would rather donate to the bursary fund, either anonymously or in memory or merit of a loved one, should let us know and we’ll transfer the discount value to our bursary fund.  Families are also welcome to make other donations – such as forfeiting their deposits – or of any other value at any time to the bursary fund for which we and the pupils who lives are transformed by such generosity are enormously grateful.

Could a bursary be withdrawn?

Very rarely, the school may withdraw a bursary award if, for example, you provide inaccurate information, or your child’s behaviour is unsatisfactory in accordance with our behaviour policy.

How much is a bursary worth?

Bursaries range from 10% to 100% of fees; however, the amount of any bursary award depends on demand, the funding available and the discretion of the Head Master as to the transformational impact of awarding it .

Occasionally, awards of less than 25% may be offered. Pupils in receipt of a full bursary award will also get 100% help to meet the costs of uniforms, lunches, travel and trips, allowing them to make the very most of the opportunities offered by Immanuel College. Pupils in receipt of other amounts will receive a proportionate discount on these other costs.

Bursaries may also be given alongside scholarships and other discounts.

What if I am a current Immanuel College family and our financial circumstances change?

We want all Immanuel families to feel secure that their children’s success at the College is sustainable and not subject to financial difficulties they may incur. Should you find yourself in need of help with fees, we urge you to contact the Head of Admissions and the Director of Finance & Operations to discuss your circumstances. Likewise, we ask that families who find themselves in the position of being able to support the Bursary Fund due to increased financial circumstances consider doing so.