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Scholarships into Year 7 are designed to recognise potential and exceptional talent. In recognition of additional contribution expected, the scholar is offered a reduction in the fees. All scholarships are reviewed annually in accordance with our Admission Policy. The College offers both Academic and Specialist Scholarships for entry in Year 7.


Academic Scholarships are awarded automatically based on performance in the entrance examination for Year 7 entry. An Academic Scholarship is held until Year 11, subject to periodic review, and is renewable into the Sixth Form (subject to the conditions given below).



Art Scholarships are awarded to outstanding candidates who demonstrate enthusiasm for art, have developed drawing ability and creativity in handling materials and will be expected to make a contribution to the artistic life of the College. Candidates for Art Scholarships submit portfolios of work undertaken in the last few years; shortlisted candidates will be invited to an interview with the Head of Visual Arts.

This should contain artwork from both in and out of school, as well as any projects carried out within school. The Head of Visual Arts will be looking at the candidate’s potential rather than expecting highly finished work.

Creative Writing

Creative Writing scholarships are awarded to children who demonstrate exceptional aptitude and talent in writing with a focus on prose fiction although other styles of writing (poetry, journalism etc) will be considered in making this award. Candidates will sit a Creative Writing paper which will include two writing samples of 200 to 300 words demonstrating the candidate’s writing style. Shortlisted candidates will be interviewed by a key member of the English Department at such time as they may be asked to undertake other exercises.

Jewish Life and Learning

Jewish Life and Learning Scholarships are awarded to those candidates who exemplify excellence in the Jewish Life and Learning scholarship paper. Jewish Life and Learning Scholarships will be reviewed annually.


Music Scholarships are awarded to outstanding musicians who can play an instrument or sing with exceptional ability. To qualify for a Music Scholarship, candidates must demonstrate enthusiasm for Music and show exceptional talent and skill and will be expected to make a contribution to the musical life of the College. Candidates for Music Scholarships are invited to perform two pieces for the Head of Music, who will also interview them. The Head of Music will be looking at the candidate’s potential as well as current ability.


All candidates wishing to apply for an Art, Creative Writing, Jewish Life & Learning or Music Scholarship should complete the relevant section of the Senior School Application Form. A candidate may apply for more than one scholarship. All scholarships offered upon entry into Year 7 will be valid until completion of Year 11, subject to periodic review, unless withdrawn in accordance with the terms upon which such an award is made and / or in accordance with the College’s Terms and Conditions.