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Immanuel College

Behaviour, Rewards and Sanctions

Our school rewards good behaviour, as we believe that this will develop an ethos of co-operation and kindness.

All members of staff play a central role in the children's social and moral development just as they do in their academic development.

Members of staff are aware that when establishing a pupil's reason for misbehaviour it is necessary to consider the possible causes of the behaviour in order to treat the cause and not the symptom.

Therefore we always aim to treat incidents individually whilst maintaining the inherent structure of the rewards and sanctions systems.

Parents play a vital role in supporting and helping us to implement good behaviour patterns in their children and to this end we work in partnership with them. Parents are given regular feedback by their children's class teacher, in the form of positive feedback on good and improving behaviour. We value parental input regarding any changes of circumstances at home, as well as information about any changes of behaviour outside of school, to help us ascertain if there could be any underlying causes of the negative behaviour, which suggest the child needs support rather than sanctions. We value this collaboration as it helps children to make progress with regard to their interactions in all areas of their experience.

Parents receive the following information at the beginning of the academic year to support our partnership .

What Kind Of Day Have You Had?

Across the school, we have a daily approach to monitoring behaviour, with a common vocabulary.

All the children begin the day on ‘Ready to Learn’, marked with a peg, and we hope that they will reach ‘outstanding’ by the end of the day.

Negative behaviour is also recorded and the ‘time out’ leads to the consequences ladder that we have in place.

Positive behaviour is rewarded If a whole class reach ‘outstanding’ they earn extra playtime; if all the children in one house reach ‘outstanding’ they can earn 50 house points; and a child who achieves ‘outstanding’ for five days receives Bonus 5 house points, linking to their goal of achieving Bronze, Silver and Gold House Point Awards.

We hope that you will support this initiative, asking your child what kind of day they have had and either discussing how they achieved this outcome or what changes they need to make to improve their outcome.

The language we are using is:

Outstanding day

Great day

Good day

Ready to learn


Stop and think

Time Out

At Immanuel College Preparatory School we recognise the right of all children to be included in all aspects of the curriculum and to have their progress assessed. Since our classes contain pupils whose abilities cover a wide range, teachers make every effort to promote inclusion of all pupils by using appropriate class management and assessment strategies and collaborative teamwork with other members of staff. All lesson planning allows for differentiation of tasks so that they are suitable for all levels of ability in the class in EYFS and KS1 and KS2, as does our approach to managing behaviour.

The Independent Schools Inspectorate found that

"Pupils are very well behaved and show integrity, confidence and commitment".