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Immanuel College


The Maths Department at Immanuel College is eager to emphasise the value and importance of the development of numeracy skills and mathematical ability.

Pupils enjoy a wide range of teaching styles and a vast array of resources available to them, in order to encourage both collaborative and independent thinking throughout their mathematical journey.

Maths is taught in ability sets from Year 7 which are determined by the school’s entrance examination. Movement up or down thereafter is dependent upon ongoing assessment, homework and the results of regular testing. Our aims in Maths are to develop students’ abilities to reason and solve problems, and to think creatively and openly, whilst acquiring an enjoyment and appreciation for the subject along the way. 

In Years 7 and 8, pupils work through the Key Stage 3 syllabus and benefit from MyMaths, an excellent resource that provides textbooks and practice books together with a website. MyMaths allows pupils to view online lessons and to complete online tasks, which provides learners the option to access the material in their own specialised way. In addition the department has its own homework resource with a focus on literacy and exam style questions.

In Year 9 pupils study the Edexcel IGCSE syllabus, with the majority of students sitting the examination in Year 11. There is the option for the most able pupils in each year group to join the Accelerated Set. This is formulated in Year 8 with pupils taking their IGCSE one year early in Year 10. The Accelerated Set then continue their mathematical studies in Year 11 by taking the AQA Level 2 Certificate in Further Mathematics. This provides the most able pupils with an opportunity to attain an extra qualification in Maths, and bridges the knowledge gap between the IGCSE and A Level. There is also an opportunity for the more able Set 1 to study a parallel IGCSE/Further Mathematics course in Year 11. These pupils take both examinations in Year 11.

More than half the Sixth Form at Immanuel College take Mathematics at A Level, with some taking Further Mathematics. There is opportunity for Further Mathematics pupils to explore the STEP qualification during form time. This helps prepare pupils for applications to Universities for numerate subjects, which include Mathematics, Physics, Economics and Engineering. There is then an option for pupils to take STEP as a formal qualification. Support is also extended to pupils for Oxbridge interviews.

Pupils in the higher sets of all year groups are entered for the Junior, Intermediate and Senior Maths Challenges run by the United Kingdom Mathematics Trust. Immanuel College has enjoyed much success in these competitions, with many pupils winning certificates and a growing number of pupils advancing to the second rounds. Pupils also take part in the Junior and Senior Team Challenges, giving small groups of pupils an opportunity to represent the College and compete against other schools. A small group of pupils participate in the Hans Woyda Mathematics Competition, and have enjoyed much success in recent years. The department runs an Engineering Society that meets once a week to introduce pupils to the concepts of engineering through practical demonstrations and projects. The department also offers weekly drop-in Maths Clinics to all pupils.