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ICPS: Children's Mental Health Week & Inside Out Day

At ICPS, conversations about  mental health  and wellbeing are  as much a part  of our day-to-day conversations as looking after our physical health. However, we are never complacent and so we embraced the opportunity provided by National Children’s Mental Health Week.

In assembly and class PSHE sessions, we acknowledged that we all have days when our mental health is good, so we feel happy, good about ourselves and more confident;  and days when we do not feel as positive; we are sad, moody, want to be by ourselves. No one has only good days and we should not  expect  that  to be the  case;  Covid  is  certainly  making it more difficult for people to  feel  that  “thumbs up”  feeling  on  an ongoing basis. It is important to talk… and we are here to listen.

The  themes  of  the  week  were  kindness, gratitude  and  resilience.  By showing kindness,  both  the giver and receiver get a positive boost  (Keys  1  and  2).  In showing gratitude, we feel happier as we reflect on our blessings and acknowledge them and how they give our lives meaning  (Keys  4  and  10).  Resilience is about finding ways to manage when feel down (Key 7) it is our bounce-back-ability.

Inside Out Day, on which we wore a piece of clothing inside out, provided a visible prompt to engaging in conversations; what is usually tucked away (labels and seams) were on show and yet we were still warm and comfortable. In the same way, when we uncover our feelings and share them with another person, we are still safe and this dialogue can help us heal. Likewise showing  kindness can  make  the  world  of difference to someone else; whilst you cannot see it, maybe they are feeling low. Your gesture can lift their mood.

The children enjoyed sharing photos of themselves dressed "inside out" as well as stories of kindness that had shown to others and been fortunate to receive.