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Immanuel College


The Psychology Department at Immanuel enables students to gain a deep understanding of mind and behaviour, as well as training students to become competent researchers.

Students also develop critical and evaluative skills and also learn to develop cogent, informed and logical arguments. 

Students also learn to ably apply Psychology to everyday scenarios and develop an understanding of how Psychology impacts upon society and the economy.  Psychology gained full Science recognition in 2008.

Psychology is a popular A Level choice at Immanuel and nationally.  The Department offers the AQA Psychology Linear A Level.  This is delivered in smaller groups with a lecture-style approach with opportunities for class discussion.  Information is clearly presented using a thorough knowledge of the Specification. The Department provides a clear presentation of material, regular summaries, the opportunity to take part and carry out class practicals and a fortnightly test.  To help students learn how to evaluate and apply information, careful feedback is given.  Our aim is to develop a passion and curiosity for Psychology combined with rigorous academic study, whilst also encouraging independent learning.   Students will be given an excellent grounding in research methods and statistical analysis to enable them to become effective researchers in Psychology.

Psychology A’Level can lead to various courses depending on what it is combined with.  Many of our Psychology students go on to study a Psychology degree at a prestigious University.  A BSc (Hons) degree, on a University course with British Psychological Society (BPS) recognition, can lead to many careers.  For example, Clinical Psychology, Occupational Psychology (including Human Resources), Educational Psychology, Medicine, Forensic and Criminological Psychology, Careers, Advertising, Marketing, Business, Law and more.


We provide a stimulating range of interesting extracurricular activities which facilitates consolidation of subject knowledge, whilst encouraging initiative and independence. 

The Psychology Society, run by the students, organises interesting lunchtime speakers.  Students also take an active role in the Psychology assemblies to lower years.  A Psychology clinic run weekly after school provides extra learning support.