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Immanuel College

Jewish Studies

The Jewish Journey is framed around the Mishna in Pirkei Avot that teaches that the world stands on three things: Torah; Avodah; Gemillut Chasadim. These three pillars of Jewish life are at the core of everything we do both inside and outside of the JS class room. The framework puts an emphasis on learning, practice and action.


Torah – the story G-d writes with us

Avodah – the story we write with G-d

Gemilut Chasadim - the story we write with each other


KS3 Modules Overview

Year 7 Overview


  1. The Mesorah
  2. Key Tefillot and Textual Fluency
  3. From the Text to our Table (Mi Pasuk El HaPsak)
  4. Shabbat in Text and the 39 Melachot
  5. The first Jewish Journey and My Jewish identity (Sefer Bereishit)
  6. Core concepts: Emunah and Gemilut Chassadim
  7. Yetziat Mitzrayim (Sefer Shemot)
  8. Developing our character (Focus on Pirkei Avot)
  9. The history of the Batei Mikdash
  10. Chagim as per the Luach Hashana
  11. Parashat Hashavua


Year 8 Overview


  1. The origins of Tefillah
  2. Conversations with G-d
  3. Tefillot in depth
  4. Navigating the Siddur and ‘learn to lead’
  5. Moshe and Jewish Leadership (Sefer Bamidbar and Devarim)
  6. The Halachot of Brachot
  7. The Mitzvah of Kashrut
  8. Developing our character (Focus on Pirkei Avot)
  9. Jewish History - From exile to emancipation
  10. Interfaith Study
  11. Chagim as per the Luach Hashanah


Year 9 Overview


  1. Judaism in the 21st Century – Pikuach Nefesh, Shabbat in Space, Business Ethics
  2. Key figures in Jewish History – Yehoshua, Devorah, Shimshon, Chana, Shmuel, Shaul, David, Shlomo
  3. The Six Remembrances
  4. The Jewish contribution to Britain and the AJEX parade
  5. Lashon Hara – The power of Speech
  6. Developing our character (Focus on Pirkei Avot)
  7. Judaism and Me – Through Art, Texts and Poetry, Business, Medical Ethics, Media
  8. Holocaust Education
  9. Israel Education
  10. Chagim as per the Luach Hashanah


KS3 Modules Overview - Advanced Track

Year 7 Overview

  1. In-depth studies of selected texts from Sefer Yehoshua (and related texts from elsewhere)

Devarim perek 34 The death of Moshe

Perek 1 The succession of Yehoshua

Perek 2 Yehoshua’s first leadership act – the spies

Bamidbar perek 33 Moshe and the meraglim

Perek 3 Crossing the Yarden

Perek 6 Conquering Yericho

Perek 7 The problem at Ai

  1. Knowledge of different meforshim including their lives and using their commentaries to further understand the text
  2. The Mesorah – From Sinai to Mishna
  3. The Generations of the Sanhedrin
  4. Mishna Skills – Core Text of Messechet Brachot, Messechet Megilla and Messechet Shabbat


Structure of the Mishna

Key terms for learning Mishna


  1. Jewish History – The Batei Mikdash
  2. Chagim as per the Luach Hashana
  3. Parashat Hashavua

Year 8 Overview

  1. The Nature of the Shema

Brachot 4b-5a – Kriat Shema Al Hamita

Brachot 11a-11b – Tefilla or Torah?

Brachot 13a-13b – The importance of Kavana Part A

  1. The Origins of Tefilla

Brachot 26b – Avot or Korbanot

Mishna Torah: Hilchot Tefilla – From Biblical times to the Siddur

The language of Tefilla

  1. The Amida in depth

Learn to lead

Koren NCSY Siddur – The Brachot in depth

  1. Our attitudes to Mitzvot

Brachot 6b – Running for a Mitzva

  1. The Mitzva of Kashrut

K’bolo Kach Polto

Practical scenarios

  1. Introduction to Nevi’im - What is prophecy?

Rambam Mishneh Torah, Hilchot Yesodei HaTorah

  1. In-depth study of Sefer Shoftim perek 4 with selected Meforshim
  2. Introduction to Ketuvim – historical overview
  3. Heroines in Jewish history (1): In-depth study of Megillat Esther with selected meforshim
  4. Heroines in Jewish history (2): In-depth study of Megillat Rut with selected meforshim


Year 9 Overview

  1. Talmud Study 1 - Hashavat Aveida

- Perek Elu Metziot

- Gemara study

  1. Talmud Study 2 - Adam Muad Leolam

- Perek Keizad Haregel

- Applying key Gemara skills learnt

  1. Talmud Study 3 - Eidim Zommemin

- Perek Keitzad HaEidim

- Furthering Gemara skills

  1. In depth study of Shmuel Aleph

- The Jewish approach to monarchy

- Shaul – the first King

- What makes a navi?

- Comparing Shmuel and Moshe

- The Mitzva to destroy Amalek

- Introducing David HaMelekh

- Shaul vs David

  1. Holocaust Education

-     Life before the Shoah

-     The Shoah and its aftermath

  1. Israel Education

- The Origins of Modern Zionism

- Palestine under the British Mandate

- The Early Years of the State of Israel

- The State matures