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HMC (the Headmasters' and Headmistresses' Conference) is a professional Association of heads of the world's leading independent schools.

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Immanuel College


In the Sixth Form students enjoy a number of privileges.

For example, they do not wear school uniform; they have the freedom to leave the campus at lunchtime; they have their own common room, resource centre and separate study facilities, with free periods built into their school day.

With such privileges come responsibilities and all students are expected to adhere to a dress code which asks them to be smartly attired, as if for work in an office. This means suits and ties for boys and smart, modest clothing for girls, with due respect for the religious ethos of the school. Our code of conduct sets out the standards which one would expect in an HMC school and breaches of such a code are taken very seriously, leading to sanctions such as loss of free time at lunchtime, with parents being informed.

It is also an expectation that Sixth Formers take the lead in running numerous clubs and societies for younger pupils which are mainly run during lunchtimes. These include clubs for Art, Chess, Debating, Modern Languages and Science, to name but a few, as well as a wide range of sports clubs such as basketball and netball. In addition there are Societies to promote deeper understanding of academic subjects, such as the History and Politics Society, the World Affairs Society and the Psychology Society. Young Enterprise is a popular and thriving activity, especially amongst Economic students, and has enjoyed considerable success in regional business competitions in the last two years.

The School Council and Shevet Achim (School Charity) Committee are also very important in school life and Sixth Formers are crucial to the running of both. There are also opportunities for Sixth Formers to undertake the Duke of Edinburgh Silver and Gold awards and the V Inspired 100 hours of Volunteering in the Community Award organised by JLGB, who are regular visitors to the school.

Sixth Formers have other opportunities to hone their leadership skills by taking part in events organised by the Beit Midrash. They may also put themselves forward for positions as Senior Prefects, including the posts of Head Boy and Head Girl, who are appointed in the Shavuot term of Year 12 in readiness for their term of office in Year 13.